Kai Thomson, 15, served as a page in the Washington State Senate during the week of January 31.

Pages are typically sponsored by the senator from their legislative district. Sen. Lisa Wellman (D-Mercer Island) sponsored Thomson’s week in the Legislature.

The page program offers a hands-on opportunity for students to find out how state government works. The interactive learning experience includes classes focused on topics like budget writing and how a bill becomes a law, which culminates in pages creating their own bills in a mock committee setting. The educational experience is furthered by guest speakers.

“The most interesting thing that I did this week was meeting so many different people in the government and hearing about all of their different roles.  From meeting different senators to the (state) treasurer, to the lieutenant governor.  They were all very nice and took time to answer questions,” said Thomson.

Pages also have the opportunity to work on the Senate floor. Their maroon coats and credentials allow them access to all parts of the Capitol Campus.

“The most fun thing that I did this week was working on the Senate floor passing out notes and bills and it felt like we were a part of the process and in a way help in our own small way to help create the laws,” added Thomson.

“I am very interested in working in public service in the future because I’ve been so inspired by listening to the Senators talk about their constituents and how they reference them during their floor speeches.  It really shows how people are a part of the bill/law writing process,” remarked Thomson.

Thomson is in 9th grade at Sammamish High School. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing the French horn, and Civil Air Patrol.

For more information about the Senate Page Program, contact SenatePageProgram@leg.wa.gov.