Dear friends and neighbors, 

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who took the time to attend our in-person town hall meeting last week at North Seattle College. Over 100 residents from the 46th Legislative District attended and made it a truly enriching and productive event. Your involvement is crucial for our democracy, and events like this underscore the importance of participation in shaping the policies that affect us all. 

I enjoyed the opportunity to hear directly from you, to listen to your questions, concerns, and valuable insights. Your input serves as a guiding light for me as I continue to advocate for our shared interests and work towards building a better future for our district and beyond. I look forward to our continued collaboration and dialogue in the months ahead. 

Advancing Environmental Protections 

As we reflect on our recent accomplishments this session, it’s crucial to highlight the strides made in environmental protections during this year’s legislative session. 

Our commitment to environmental sustainability remains unwavering. This session, we focused on bolstering our state’s defenses against climate change and implementing measures to protect our natural resources for generations to come. 

Addressing Climate Change 

Washington state remains at the forefront of the battle against climate change, as evidenced by recent advancements. Notably, we have made strides in expanding our carbon market, facilitating its integration with California and Quebec. This collaboration promises stability and alignment with our climate objectives. Additionally, our dedication to the Climate Commitment Act (CCA) has led to tangible progress, with focused investments in alternative fuels, electric vehicles, energy efficiency enhancements, forest preservation, and the fast-growing hydrogen industry, ensuring a sustainable future while fostering economic growth. 

Steps We Took to Protect Our Environment 

Beyond climate action, we championed several bills to safeguard our environment: 

  • HB 1589 facilitates the transition to clean energy by streamlining infrastructure planning and investments, ensuring a sustainable energy future for Puget Sound Energy. 
  • SB 6039 and HB 2131 foster the growth of Washington’s geothermal energy sector, underscoring our commitment to diversifying our energy portfolio. 
  • SB 5931 adds 6PPD, an antioxidant commonly used in rubber products, to the “Safer Products for Washington” list. This action aims to mitigate risks to aquatic life while empowering courts to address environmental damages effectively. 
  • SB 5884 expands the ability of courts to address environmental harms, allowing for more effective enforcement against water and air pollution and hazardous waste management violations. 
  • HB 2301 increases composting and waste reduction efforts, contributing to a more sustainable approach to managing our resources. 
  • HB 1185 and HB 2207 target the phase-out of mercury-containing lights and illegal waste dumping, respectively, bolstering our efforts to protect our environment. 

Moving Forward 

I take immense pride in our state’s leadership in environmental stewardship. These legislative achievements represent meaningful progress, but our work is far from over. We must continue in our commitment to safeguarding our natural environment and addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change. 

Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to reach out to me via email at or by calling my office at (360) 786-7690. You can also stay informed about my activities by visiting my website or following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates.   


Javier Valdez