Dear friends and neighbors, 

The 2024 legislative session has come and gone, marking another chapter in our ongoing journey to better serve our community. Together, we’ve achieved significant milestones, but we recognize there’s still much to be done. Your input is invaluable as we continue this vital work. Join us Wednesday, May 1st, for an in-person town hall where we’ll delve into the outcomes of the recent legislative session and, more importantly, listen to your questions, needs, and concerns.

Investments in Housing 

As we reflect on the recent legislative session, I’m proud to share with you the progress we’ve made in addressing the pressing issue of affordable housing in our state. This year, our focus remained steadfast on increasing housing accessibility and stability for all Washingtonians.  

In our recent supplemental capital budget, significant investments were made to bolster our state’s housing resources. An additional $150 million has been allocated to the Housing Opportunity Fund, building upon last year’s historic investment. These funds will support the development of over 2,500 new housing units statewide. Additionally, we’ve allocated resources to enhance housing options for individuals with disabilities and invested in shelter and rehousing programs to maintain critical services. 

Promoting affordable housing 

Our legislative efforts also focused on removing barriers to housing construction and affordability. Here are some key highlights from the bills passed: 

  • SB 6175 makes it easier to convert vacant commercial buildings into affordable housing. 
  • HB 1890 removes bureaucratic hurdles to creating more affordable housing. 
  • HB 2003 reduces costs associated with building more affordable housing on public lands. 
  • HB 2375 expands a property tax exemption for seniors and disabled people with additional dwelling units on their property. 
  • SB 6059 creates additional protections for people in mobile home communities. 
  • HB 1998 sets statewide standards to make co-living homes (small apartments with shared kitchens) easier to build. 

These legislative achievements mark significant strides in our ongoing commitment to ensuring housing security for all residents of the 46th District and beyond. I’m optimistic about the positive impact these measures will have on our community. 

Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to reach out to me via email at or by calling my office at (360)786-7690. You can also stay informed about my activities by visiting my website or following me on Facebook, X and Instagram for regular updates.  





Javier A. Valdez