OLYMPIA — A bill to provide meaningful help to victims of hate crimes and bias incidents in Washington state passed the House on Wednesday. 

SB 5427, sponsored by Senator Javier Valdez (D-Seattle), establishes a support system for victims of hate crimes and bias incidents. 

Valdez’s bill would create a hotline administered by the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) for reporting these incidents. The hotline will accept reports of hate crimes and bias incidents and provide appropriate crisis intervention and victim-centered, culturally competent, and trauma-informed information. These services will be accessible to as many Washington state residents as possible, irrespective of the language they speak. 

Under this bill, the AGO would also be mandated to develop a standardized process to collect, analyze, and regularly report information related to these incidents to the Governor, Senate, and House of Representatives. The collected data would also be required to be made publicly available after redacting personally identifiable information for the protection and safety of the victims. 

“We’re building a lifeline for those affected by hate and bias. This bill isn’t just about numbers; it’s about standing up for our neighbors and ensuring everyone feels safe and supported in our communities,” said Valdez. 

The bill will now head to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.