Dear Friends and Neighbors,

New Resource: Rental and Utilities Assistance for Pierce County Residents (Renters AND Landlords)

I am thrilled to share a new resource: rental and utilities assistance for Pierce County residents overdue on rent and/or utility bills. Eligible utilities include electric, water, sewer, gas, garbage pickup, fuel oil and internet.

Renters could be eligible for up to 12-months of rental assistance based on need. To be eligible, applicants must fall under 80% Area Median Income (AMI), have been impacted by COVID-19, have overdue rent and/or utilities, and live in Pierce County, including the City of Tacoma.

To read more information, click here. To access the application, click the image below or the link here. Applicants without internet access are encouraged to call 2-1-1. Please note that both tenants AND landlords can apply.

Recovery from the pandemic remains one of my top priorities. As we continue to pursue solutions for economic recovery and housing, I am ecstatic that this local resource is available today.

If you need any assistance navigating this resource, please reach my office at T’, or by calling 360-786-7654


Half-way Update

With the legislative session halfway through, it has been an eventful February. Last week, we were hard at work voting on bills that have made it out of committee. In preparation for floor action, I have been talking with constituents from the 28th about the community’s concerns and I am confident that we’re making progress towards strengthening our district. I remain committed to serving the 28th in the best way I know how: through learning, listening, and amplifying the needs and concerns of the community.

Join me on Facebook — Live!

Please tune in on March 23rd at 6:30 PM on Facebook LIVE as I share How to Track a Bill. Understanding the process by which legislation is created and ultimately passed is not inherently intuitive. That’s why I’m excited to share what I have learned about the bill process. Click the image below to follow me on Facebook so you can get notified when I go LIVE!

My bills are moving through the Legislative process

Several bills that I have sponsored will be moving to the House for consideration:

Senate Bill 5184
Establishing an on-site point of contact in all K-12 public schools for youth experiencing foster care

Twenty-five years ago, I was placed in foster care. Now as a state Senator, I am championing a bill to help youth experiencing foster care by centering their needs as students.

Senate Bill 5259
Law Enforcement Data

With this bi-partisan and law enforcement supported legislation, we have an opportunity to increase transparency and build trust by providing public access to information about the use of force. This can help us develop vital collaborative solutions to reduce crime and assess the effectiveness of training and critical reforms that the legislature has been working on this session.

Senate Bill 5293
Creating a Mental Health Sentencing Alternative

This bill allows a sentencing court discretion and victim input on whether a mental health sentencing alternative should be imposed. It provides treatment instead of criminalizing people for having a mental illness, thus making our communities safer by addressing the underlying cause of some crime.

Senate Bill 5321
Expanding access to the College Bound Scholarship.

Senate Bill 5321 eliminates a pledge requirement for the College Bound scholarship and auto-enrolls qualifying students who are eligible. This bill strikes the balance between upholding our promise and increasing access for students.

Senate Bill 5183
Concerning victims of nonfatal strangulation

I joined Senators Manka Dhingra and Annette Cleveland to work on passing a package of bills that would provide justice to survivors of sexual assault. My bill is Senate Bill 5183, which provides victims of domestic violence strangulation the medical assistance and justice they need.

I’m excited to say that all four bills unanimously passed the Senate. We took important steps to support survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. You can click here to read more.

Senate Bill 5292
Creating a Parks Rx, or Parks Prescription, Pilot Program

This bill is about opening the door to the outdoors for communities that need healing, both physically and mentally.

Sponsoring Budget Items

Thank you to community members who have asked me to sponsor budget provisos that focus on mental and behavioral health, transportation needs, housing (especially for unhoused youth), critical infrastructure, education, and environmental issues.

I have also signed on to letters supporting the Working Families Tax Credit, greater police accountability, and funding for education. One particularly close to my heart is a letter urging capital construction funding for Bridges to Home, which will be the first pediatric skilled nursing facility in Washington State.

Car Tab Work Group

I’ve heard from community members who have been struggling to pay their annual vehicle registration. Too often, community members must choose between paying registration fees or other essential bills, and this can lead to driving with expired tabs. Some community members have even chosen not to continue using their vehicle.

I have been working with community members, budget chairs, and stakeholders to consider solutions that address this issue. Our district wants to fund transportation, yet we need to do it in a way that is affordable. What we know right now is that we need to study potential solutions so that we can propose the best possible legislation going forward. That is why we are creating a work group that will incorporate community feedback so that when we return to this issue, we return with the ideas that will make a difference.

Town Hall

Thank you to those who joined me, Rep. Leavitt, and Rep. Bronoske at our virtual Town Hall on Saturday, February 20th. If you were not able to virtually join, you can watch the event on Facebook here. 

And thank you all for working with us to create a space that honors our community’s needs. As a resident of the 28th Legislative District, I understand how critical it is for us to stabilize and protect our community, small businesses, and educational institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. As your team of legislators,we will continue to advocate for our community’s needs beyond the pandemic. 

The constituents of the 28th Legislative District have been incredible about making sure their voices are heard. I am grateful for the opportunity to hear from you, and I urge you to continue reaching out to our offices and sharing insight on how we can best serve the needs of our community. Moving forward, I will continue to host opportunities that allow for amplification of voices and involvement of 28th LD residents. If you missed our January listening session, you can read about it here.  

Appointment to the Joint Committee on Veterans’ and Military Affairs

I am pleased to announce my appointment to the Joint Committee on Veterans’ and Military Affairs. Like many in our district, I grew up in a military family. I was born on a base in Frankfurt, Germany, and moved with my family to the 28th legislative district 20 years ago. I am inspired to represent our community in this body and bring forward the many challenges military families face. I am looking forward to working on how to give back to the servicemembers in our community who have given so much to our country.

Appointment to the Opioid Crisis Team

As a member of the Senate Behavioral Health Committee, I am honored to be selected for an opportunity with the National Conference of State Legislatures to expand my knowledge and learn from peers across the country in the Opioid Policy Fellows Program.

Ways to Get Connected

Get involved in the process

  • Learn—How a bill becomes a law, from start to finish, is explained here.
  • Find—Look up legislation on the issues important to you here.
  • Watch—Visit for broadcasts and archived videos of your democracy in action.
  • Testify—Register to testify remotely before legislative committees here.
  • Reach out—If you do not live in the 28th Legislative District, you can find and contact your legislators here.

As always please, reach out to my office for any questions or comments. You can also find me on Facebook to receive updates about the work we are doing for you.



T’wina Nobles