Dear friends and neighbors,

The 2019 legislative session opened this week. As your senator, I want to share a brief update on some of my priorities this session:

SR 18 & I-90 Interchange: the project remains on schedule and I’m working to secure funding to make highway 18 four lanes all the way to Issaquah Road.

Small Business Retirement Marketplace: I’m working to make sure employees have easier access to retirement plans by partnering with Oregon to lower costs.

Daylight Savings Referendum: Californians recently expressed a preference to end the annual switch. I want to give Washingtonians a similar vote so the federal government can hear our voice.

Prescription Drug Transparency: I want to make drug prices transparent at every step of the process to drive down high costs that burden both consumers and the state. This issue is as important to you in managing your finances as it is to us in managing the state’s budget.

I also want to reaffirm that no matter the balance of power, my goal is always to craft policy that both Democrats and Republicans can support. Our communities are comprised of people from both parties and it’s my top priority to produce legislation that works for everyone.

Best regards,