A bill sponsored by Sen. Mark Mullet, D-Issaquah, would give legal immunity to those who use epi-pens in good faith during an emergency situation where someone is experiencing a severe allergic reaction (Senate Bill 6229).

“This is a good bill and highlights that under the Good Samaritan language, epinephrine is included,” said Mullet. “There are 18 other states that have already adopted laws similar to this one. This is not a red or a blue state issue – we need to make sure people don’t hesitate in an emergency situation because they are worried about legal issues.”

The bill would exempt from civil liability or personal injury claims someone who uses a physician prescribed epi-pen in good faith during an emergency and follows up by alerting 911 as soon as possible. A defibrillator was added to the state’s Good Samaritan language in 1998.