Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

The 2022 Legislative Session is off to a great start. Last year’s Legislative Session was one of the most significant in history and while I am proud of the progress we made, I know we have an amazing opportunity to build upon that work throughout the rest of this short session. In 2021 we passed the Fair Start for Kids Act, seeing a $430 million increase into Childcare and Early Learning Services. We passed meaningful Law & Justice reform that saw drug prosecution turn to treatment, and we passed a transportation budget that continued critical projects to keep us safe on our roads. 

As your longtime advocate in Olympia for good safe schools, good safe roads, and good jobs with benefits, I am humbled to serve as your State Senator. 


Here’s a look at some of the policies I am working on:


The courthouse is the heart of civic life. 

Snohomish County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state. Senate Bill 5575 would add two new judges to Snohomish County Superior Court. This will ensure that everyone will have equal access to justice.  


If the courthouse is the heart of civic life, the library is the foundation. 

Last year, we secured $3.1 million for Sno-Isle libraries. I am requesting another $1 million for construction of the Lake Stevens Early-Learning Library. 


More hard evidence. Less reliance on tips. 

Senate Bill 5869 provides law enforcement access to toll systems and traffic safety camera footage in felony cases with a search warrant. As we reimagine policing together, this is another tool to provide justice for survivors and families.  


Strong with Seattle Children’s Hospital 

Senate Bill 5741 creates a special JP Patches license plate with the purpose of supporting the Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Strong Against Cancer Program. With the Patches Pal Plate, we can continue to show our support for our brave youth at Seattle Children’s.  

Other Items of Note: 

In addition to the bills that I am supporting this year, here are some other areas of interest that I’ll be helping see forward this session: 

  • I have a budget request for $500,000 to go to the Military Department to conduct and after-action review (AAR) of our response to the pandemic. The AAR should tell us what went right, what went wrong, and what we must do better.  
  • We are also exploring pursuit alternatives by using drones to replace our officers following fleeing vehicles.  


Into Another Virtual Session. 

Though we have faced our share of challenges during this pandemic, there have been new opportunities to connect. 

My office has seen spike in representation and an increase in diverse voices. While we work to address the digital divide across the state, removing the physical barrier of needing to be present in Olympia to gain access to the legislative process has allowed a more open and robust dialogue. 

If you’d like to participate in this mostly remote session, here are some helpful links: 

  • Universal remote testimony: The Legislature has expanded remote testimony capabilities so people can testify on any bill from anywhere up to an hour prior to a committee meeting. 
  • Submit written testimony: People can also submit written testimony on any bill scheduled for a public hearing. People have long been able to submit written comment on a bill, but prior to this year, those comments were sent directly to the constituent’s own legislators. The new written testimony system allows committee members and staff to read it more easily and maintains it as part of the permanent public record. 
  • Written testimony can be submitted at the same links used to sign-in for public testimony above. 
  • It’s all on TVW: As always, every committee meeting, floor session, press conference and special event will be broadcast at 


As always, you can reach me with your questions, comments, and concerns at My phone is always on, and my door is always open. 



State Senator  

44th Legislative District