Sen. Karen Keiser, D-Kent, has been reappointed as the ranking Democratic member of the Senate Capital Budget, it was announced Monday.
“Our state faces two critical challenges — to expand our K-12 facilities to accommodate smaller class sizes and to address infrastructure needs that have stagnated while we recovered from the Great Recession,” Keiser said. “We need to make up ground we’ve lost while also increasing our capacity to effectively teach students.”
Keiser noted that her role on the Capital Budget puts her in a key position to address needs in not only her 33rd Legislative District but for communities across the state. “What we do with this budget will determine our ability to grow and thrive economically for decades to come,” she said. “
Keiser also retains her seat on the Senate Health Committee, where she has played a critical role in implementing the Affordable Care Act at the state, and regains a seat on the Senate Commerce & Labor Committee.