Dear neighbors:

During the legislative session this year, we passed policies to put people first — bills that will help keep communities safe, strengthen an economy that works for all, continue to improve our behavioral health continuum, fund our education system, protect the environment, and much more.

I’m especially proud that more than 95% of the bills the Legislature passed this year were bipartisan, and that each of my bills that passed had the support of a strong bipartisan majority.

Read on for an update on legislation I sponsored this session.

Legislative Update

Ten bills I sponsored have passed the Legislature and have been signed into law or soon will be, and two others have made it to the governor’s desk in the form of companion House legislation. These bills help keep our communities safe and build on our work over the past six years to improve behavioral health treatment across the crisis response continuum.

Keeping communities safe

  • SB 6006 supports victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse by improving how the state responds, providing them with continued care, and enabling them to seek civil remedies.
  • SB 5937 is omnibus legislation that supports crime victims and witnesses by promoting a victim-centered, trauma-informed legal response to sexual assault.
  • SB 5790 helps keep students safe by providing bleeding control kits in schools and encouraging bystanders to become trained to help until professionals arrive.
  • SB 6146 ensures that people who commit crimes on tribal lands cannot escape justice by fleeing into Washington state lands, by authorizing Washington police to enforce tribal warrants.
  • SB 6227 allows victims in cases when a defendant is found not guilty by reason of insanity to get a protection order so they have the same level of protection as other victims.
  • SB 6246 closes a loophole and improves communication of limited, but crucial, information about firearm prohibitions for people committed under the Involuntary Treatment Act, while continuing to protect their privacy.
  • HB 2086/SB 6207 makes improvements to the operations of the Office of Independent Investigations. These investigations of deadly force incidents are critical to ensuring we are building trust and confidence in our justice system.

Building the behavioral health continuum

  • SB 5853 extends our state’s new behavioral health crisis relief center model, which delivers immediate care to people having a behavioral health crisis, to provide services for children.
  • SB 6228 removes hidden barriers to help people access substance use disorder treatment more efficiently and effectively.
  • SB 6308 ensures our 988 call centers have the technology and integrated data platforms they need to provide seamless, person-centered service.
  • SB 6251 develops regionalized coordinated behavioral health crisis response plans across our state.
  • HB 1929/SB 6050 establishes a pilot program to provide temporary housing for young people finishing inpatient treatment for behavioral health.

Stay in touch

As always, please feel free to reach out to my office directly at the contact information below or by clicking on the banner above. Take care!

Sincerely yours,

Manka Dhingra
Senator, 45th Legislative District
Deputy Majority Leader