Annabelle Yip, a freshman at Inglemoor High School, served as a page with the Washington State Senate the week of April 10. Sen. Manka Dhingra (D-Redmond) sponsored her week at the Legislature.

The page program offers a week of interactive learning about how state government works. Pages get to witness committee hearings, sit in on floor debates, and deliver materials for Senate staff.

Yip applied to the program because she’s always been interested in how bills become a law and their origins.

Yip’s favorite part is being on the floor because she gets to have a close look at how the senators interact with each other: “I also really enjoy being on the floor. Seeing all the motions being passed and passing papers out to the senators has been very fun, actually, as boring as it sounds.”

She sponsored a bill for her page program’s mock committee regarding restrictions and regulations on vaping products.

“Our bill is focusing on the restrictions and regulations around vaping products. My group has decided that we need more regulatory laws around that, especially enforcing fines and fees for companies that market to underage children and companies that are distributing to those children.”

This bill is near and dear to Yip’s heart because she’s had close friends affected by the vaping epidemic in our school systems.

“I had a classmate at my high school that almost overdosed on fentanyl in his vape because when you get distributed these products it’s done illegally if you are underage.”

Yip also would recommend the program to potential candidates in the future.

“I believe that being part of the government process has been eye opening, especially how bills become laws and how government agencies function internally with the staff. So, I would definitely recommend this to anybody else who is interested in the page program.”

Yip mentioned that she has a FBLA competition after the page program and is very much looking forward to it.

Dhingra had brunch with Yip during her week at the Legislature. The senator said, “Annabelle is an inspiring young person who’s going to make a tremendous difference with her passion for issues that she sees firsthand in our community.”

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