Dear neighbors:

The work I do as your legislator in Olympia takes more than just one person – it takes a whole team.

Whether you are emailing to give feedback on legislation before the Senate, calling for help navigating state government, visiting the Capitol as part of a community group, or any of the other ways you interact with my office, you will encounter the talented and dedicated 45th Legislative District team.

If you call the office, you may reach Nabrath Sheriff, our session aide. Nabrath was born and raised in Sammamish, in the 45th District. She graduated from UW with a double major in global studies and law, economics, and public policy, and a minor in human rights. She first became involved in public service as a volunteer with my teen campaign in 2018.

Nabrath says she appreciates hearing from people about their perspectives on legislation. “A lot of my job is listening,” she said, and she especially enjoys the positive stories people have told her about how legislation has helped them in their daily lives.

If you email the office, you are more likely to reach Quan Huynh, our intern. Quan is a third-year student at Pacific Lutheran University, outside Tacoma, where she is majoring in philosophy and political science and minoring in religion. She is excited for her first experience at the Legislature, and I’m impressed that she chose this internship over the opportunity to study abroad at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand!

Quan says she has learned a lot about the issues the Legislature is considering by hearing from constituents. She is excited to be working with my office, especially since she is interested in studying law: “I’ve had the great opportunity of working with a lot of strong female mentors in my life, and I’ve been lucky enough to meet another one here.”

Finally, many of you already know Ashley Jackson, my incomparable legislative assistant, who has been working on behalf of the people of the 45th Legislative District for more than five years. Over that time, she has become an expert on the issues before the Legislature and on the resources that can help constituents. She also helps guide the other legislative assistants in the Senate who have less experience. As one of her co-workers said, “She has been such a great (and patient) mentor to me as I adjust to my day-to-day responsibilities and grow into my role.” Not only our office, but the whole Senate benefits from Ashley’s work.

Stay in touch

As always, please feel free to reach out to my office directly with any questions or concerns. Take care!

Sincerely yours,

Manka Dhingra
Senator, 45th Legislative District
Deputy Majority Leader