Dear Neighbors,  

I want to thank everyone who took time on their Saturday morning to join Rep. Sharon Wylie, Rep. Monica Stonier and me at our recent town hall. I am thankful that we were able to meet and continue our town hall meetings virtually the past few years, but it was great to be back in-person.  

Please watch for notice of a mid-legislative session town hall coming up in March.  

The 2023 legislative session is underway, and I want to take the opportunity to outline my priorities.   

  1. Continuing pandemic recovery 
  2. Addressing healthcare workforce shortages 
  3. Finding solutions for the mental health crisis  
  4. Strengthening reproductive rights  

Here are some of the bills I am working on to address these priorities:  

  • SB 5481 seeks to expand telemedicine options.   
  • SB 5454 would expand access to workers’ compensation benefits for nurses impacted by trauma on the job.  
  • SB 5120 would establish 23-hour crisis relief centers across the state.  
  • SB 5242 would remove barriers to critically important care by eliminating cost-sharing for patients seeking abortion care.  

In addition to this important work, I’m continuing to focus on our community’s greatest need: finding a path forward to replacing the Interstate Bridge.  

Stakeholders are at the table productively working toward a solution. Our future is dependent on it. When we reach that goal, it will not only bring better transit to our community, it will mean jobs and growth. Employers will want to come to Southwest Washington because there is a stronger transportation system. 

I encourage you to watch the video of our town hall, where we discussed healthcare, housing, transportation and other issues on the minds of those in our district.   

Thank you for receiving these updates. Please encourage your family, friends and neighbors to sign up for these newsletters too so we can stay in touch.