It is difficult times like these that bring out the best in people, and there’s no better proof of that than right here in Clark County. I have been inundated these past couple of weeks with messages from so many of you asking what you can do to help address the coronavirus pandemic. Many of you have access to resources and materials that might be of help but just aren’t sure how to reach those in our state who can make the best use of them.

First off, let me say I am not one bit surprised by this. Having grown up here, I have firsthand knowledge and experience with the ingenuity and generosity of the people who make our community special. I’ve never forgotten the friends and strangers alike who helped our family when I was a little girl and we hit hard times, and as an adult I’ve seen time and again people here selflessly stepping up to help others. So, first I must say thank you to all of you, for your offers of help.

Second, in order to save time and better ensure an efficient, coordinated statewide coronavirus response, I encourage any of you wanting to help to click on this link.  You will find various ways to assist, including who to contact. You’ll find specific links for everything from donations, to purchases, to manufacturing, and more. Whatever you have to offer, however you can help, the website should direct you to the right place. And of course, as always, I remain at the ready to provide information or access as needed.

Again, I say thank you for pulling together! These are indeed difficult times, but we will get through this. And the reason we will get through this is because of people like you. We are all indeed fortunate to be a part of this tremendous community.

With gratitude,