Tenants would gain an extra 10 days’ notice if a landlord terminates a residential rental agreement under bipartisan legislation passed late today by the Senate.

Senate 5408, sponsored by Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, would increase the length of notice of termination from 20 days to 30 days. The change also enables landlords to begin efforts to find a new tenant if a renter gives notice.

“This change will bring some relief to renters in today’s incredibly difficult housing market,” Cleveland said. “With housing as scarce as it’s become, the extra 10 days could mean the difference between facing homelessness and finding suitable housing.”

Cleveland, who sought to pass similar legislation in the 2017 legislative session, originally sought 60 days’ notice as has been adopted by the City of Vancouver for tenants who have rented a property for two years or longer. SB 5408 allows renters who are members of the military to give less than 30 days’ notice if they receive reassignment or deployment orders that do not allow for 30 days’ notice.

“Vancouver’s rental costs have risen faster than any other community in the nation in the past few years,” Cleveland said. “In tough times like these, it’s vital that we put people first and do all we can to ease the prospect of homelessness.”

SB 5408 passed on a 29-18 vote and now goes to the House for consideration there.