The capital construction budget passed late last week by the Legislature will create family-wage jobs and fund important infrastructure in communities across the district, Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, said today.

“These projects will improve our schools and make our communities better places to live and work, not just for those of us who live here today but for our children and their grandchildren,” Cleveland said. “Investing in infrastructure sets us up for economic growth and prosperity that results in healthier households and stronger communities.”

The overall construction budget will create more than 19,000 construction jobs, invest more than $1 billion in public school construction to lower class sizes, and pump $800 million into our public universities and colleges. Additionally, the capital budget will provide millions of dollars in investments to support the elderly, add new mental health beds, protect the environment and get homeless children off the streets.

Funds secured by Cleveland and her 49th District seatmates include $11.8 million for:

  • $4.8 million in Public Works Assistance Account loans for Vancouver LED Street Lights
  • $3.2 million to Repair and Maintain Clark College
  • $700,000 Building Communities Fund grant for the Bridgeview Resource Center
  • $570,000 to preserve and maintain the State School for the Blind
  • $1.2 million for community projects at the Bridgeview Resource Center
  • $500,000 to increase capacity at Special Commitment Center community facilities
  • $395,000 Building Communities Fund grant for Aging With Dignity
  • $328,000 Youth Recreational Facilities grant for the Clinton and Gloria John Club
  • $307,000 for improvements to the Center for Childhood Deafness & Hearing Loss
  • $300,000 Local and Community Projects grant for the Clark County Historical Museum
  • $180,000 Building Communities Fund grant for the Share Day Center
  • $50,000 for improvements to the Independent Living Skills Center
  • $20,000 to remedy leaking tank models at the Hansen Drilling Co.