OLYMPIA – Today, the trio of transportation mega project safeguards, proposed by Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, were introduced in the Washington State Senate.

“The bills aim to create transparency, consistency and safeguards to boarder communities and future bi-state transportation mega projects,” said Cleveland. “We need accountability and ways to make sure that we protect the investments that communities in both states make when planning a project of significance.”

Senate Bill 5116 would direct the state Office of Financial Management to take action when the Legislature fails to fully fund a bi-state mega project.

Senate Bill 5117 would create accountability measures to require reimbursement of a neighboring state’s expenditures if the mega project is not fully funded by the Legislature after receipt of the federal record of decision.

Senate Bill 5118 would create a bi-state workgroup to establish consistency and transparency among states, communities, and key stakeholders.

“These bills will help re-establish trust with our border communities and states,” said Cleveland. “This is a way to step back and show our partners that we are serious about finding a solution to replacing the antiquated I-5 bridge. These are common-sense measures to ensure we are held accountable for the commitments we make to our community and neighboring states. We are not ignoring our situation and putting it off for future generations – we are addressing it today.”