The Washington State Senate Democratic Caucus on Thursday approved leadership and committee membership assignments for the 2015 Legislative Session.

Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, will remain part of the Senate Democratic Caucus leadership as the assistant floor leader.

“I am proud to remain part of leadership as the assistant floor leader helping to manage legislation as it comes to the Senate floor,” said Cleveland. “As we begin to plan ahead for the upcoming session, I look forward to working together to find solutions to the challenges we face as a community and state.”

Cleveland will also serve on the Senate Health Care and Transportation Committees. She will also serve on the Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Committees. Cleveland will no longer serve on the Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee due to a reduction in the number of available Democratic seats on the committee.

“Despite no longer being a member of the education committee, I will remain involved in what will be the most important and most discussed topic of the session,” said Cleveland. “All our kids deserve a quality education and I look forward to continue to advocate for those opportunities.”

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