Friends, neighbors and allies,

Monday was a dark day for American democracy, for reproductive healthcare and for human rights. We learned where SCOTUS leans on abortion rights. We learned what is at risk for our neighbors in Idaho, in Texas, in Louisiana. As we stare into this stark reminder of how much work we have yet to do — and how important the policies we pass in this Washington​ are — I’m reminded of the importance of boots-on-the-ground community building, and how powerful our solidarity can be.

Join me in solidarity THIS FRIDAY, May 6th, at 4:45pm to RALLY for Reproductive Rights. On the steps across from the Norm Dicks building, we’ll be joined local elected leaders & pro-choice champions, including Bremerton City Council members Jennifer Chamberlin, Denise Frey, and Anna Mockler, and Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido.

Because Abortion is Healthcare. Reproductive Rights are Human Rights. And we will not go back.