Dear friends and neighbors,  

Week one of the 2024 legislative session is just wrapping up and we’ve already hit the ground running! We’ve got just 60 days (now, 55!) to make a big impact. Click the photo below for a quick overview of the legislation I’m looking forward to this session. 

I’m excited about the work we have ahead of us, including continued efforts to ensure everyone in our state has a home. We made big strides in housing last year, and we’re poised to continue building on that work this year as we consider more solutions. We’ll also consider legislation to expand financial aid for college and career training, and legislation to strengthen our health care system so everyone has access to quality and affordable care — when and where they need it.   

Meet my intern! Alana is a student at Evergreen State College studying environmental science. She’s from Illinois and moved to Washington state for college. Her favorite part of living here is the lush green forests. When she’s not at the Capitol, she enjoys spending time hiking, exploring and throwing parties! I’m so happy to have her in my office this session!

She’s dropping one of my bills — making its introduction official. ✨ 

Several of my bills were officially introduced for the 2024 session this week, including one to make sure our previous work in support of midwives does what we intended. It’s a minor change with a big difference, empowering midwives to be the best possible advocates for the pregnant people they serve. When we say reproductive justice, that means people have access to whatever care they need.  

Stay tuned for updates on my Keep Our Care Act. It made it through the committee process last year and is expected to be considered on the floor soon.  

This legislation (my number one priority) would ensure hospital mergers don’t restrict your access to critical care, like end of life, reproductive and gender-affirming care.  

Our state has seen recent consolidations that restrict access to these critical health services, which result in medically unnecessary hurdles, harmful delays and increased travel times and disproportionately harm low-income and rural communities, people of color, women, LGBTQ+ individuals and terminally ill patients. 

I’m really excited for my friend Sen. T’wina Nobles’ leadership this year on the Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee. She’s currently serving as acting chair. As I mentioned in my last e-newsletter, I recently decided to step down as chair of the committee. I’m so proud of the work we’ve done over the last several years, and that Washington state is now one of the most affordable states to access a college degree. We’ve invested in apprenticeship pathways and career training too. I’ll keep advocating for better access to post-secondary education as a member of the committee, but it’s time to make space for a new chair. 

Next week 

Every year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Senate passes a resolution honoring Dr. King’s legacy, and how we can use lessons from his work to help guide us in our work today. On Monday you’ll hear a speech from my friend, Sen. John Lovick, that’s sure to be powerful. And look out for a special musical element organized by Sen. Nobles! You can watch live coverage on TVW! 

How you can get involved this session   

  • Learn how the legislative process works here.    
  • Find legislation here.  
  • Watch committee hearings, floor debates and more on TVW.    
  • Testify in committee hearings in person or remotely by signing up here. See what’s going on each day by checking out the legislature’s calendar 
  • Reach out to my office anytime at 360-786-7650 or The more I hear from you, the more my work in Olympia can reflect our shared values and goals. You can also follow along for more legislative updates on my official Facebook and Instagram pages.