Sen. Mark Mullet (D-Issaquah) released this statement following the governor’s partial vetoes of Senate Bill 5126, the Climate Commitment Act, and House Bill 1091, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuel.

“This sets a chilling precedent and poisons the well for all future negotiations on virtually any tough issue. When it comes to the governor’s top priorities in the future, he should expect a more hostile Legislature if this is the path he wishes to take.

“If I have reservations about a policy but ultimately vote for a bill after my concerns are addressed, only to see that key aspect removed from the bill, why should I or any other legislator believe the same thing won’t happen on future bills?

“My votes were contingent on the bills’ funding for transportation projects. There is absolutely no reason that Gov. Inslee should veto portions of these bills that would help us tackle our state’s transportation needs.

“The governor has the authority to veto bills or sections of bills. But the Washington State Supreme Court says that he does not have the authority to veto sentences in bills, as he did today. Not only is what he did today bad policy, it is unconstitutional.”