Dear friends and neighbors,

With this year’s short legislative session already in full swing, I’ve been hard at work turning your feedback into policy that helps improve our communities. Here are a couple examples of bills before the Senate this year that resulted from conversations with constituents like you:

  • Exempting electric boat motors from sales tax: gas-powered boat motors don’t just pollute the air – they also pollute our water, so I’ve sponsored a bill to create an incentive for boat owners to switch to electric motors. Encouraging that switch benefits small businesses that produce and sell electric motors, saves taxpayer money in pollution cleanup costs, and helps the environment. This bill idea came from two constituents in North Bend who own a small electric motor business.

  • Getting vehicles carrying organs for transplant through traffic: unlike ambulances, vehicles that transport organs to be used in transplants aren’t allowed to use emergency lights or sirens to get through traffic. Transplants are extremely time-sensitive, so organs are often transported by helicopter – an expensive alternative. My bill lets organ transport vehicles use emergency lights and sirens, helping to save lives and lower health care costs. This bill came from someone who used to serve our community at the Issaquah Police Department.

My primary focus when weighing legislation is how it will impact people who live and work in our communities. I welcome feedback and ideas for legislation, so please don’t hesitate to write, call, or visit my office to share your thoughts.

Best regards,