Late last Friday, the Washington State Senate passed a bill that has been a top priority of Sen. Mark Mullet, D-Issaquah. Senate Bill 6228 will require health insurance providers to display costs of medical services to their members on their websites. This will allow consumers to go online and find cost and quality information on medical providers and allow patients to provide user feedback on their experiences. Mullet issued the following statement:

“Requiring insurance companies to be upfront about the costs of services will help make us all more actively engaged in our health care decisions. When we are able to make informed health care choices, we will ultimately save ourselves and the state money over the long term.

“I worked on health care transparency over the legislative interim to find a solution that everyone involved can work with and support. This is a common sense policy bill that will help make health care decisions more transparent and efficient.”

The bill will move to the House of Representatives for consideration.