Dear neighbors,

When you reach out to my office, we have a terrific team to help respond to your concerns, incorporate your feedback into legislation, and connect you with resources that can help you, your family, and your community.

Marvin Rosete has joined my office as the new legislative assistant. Marvin brings more than 20 years of public service at the county and city levels and is an alumnus of the University of Washington, as well as holding a master’s degree in public administration from Seattle University and a doctorate in education from the University of Southern California.

If you call the office, the voice you will likely hear is Emma Hellthaler’s, who joins us this year as session aide. Emma is a mom and a lifelong humanitarian whose passion is to make sure every constituent’s voice is heard. Sierra Stauffer, our intern, is a student at Central Washington University majoring in political science with a minor in environmental studies. Finally, Kenneth Fockele helps the office with communications.


Call to action

SB 5955 would help around 200 homeowners in communities around Sea-Tac Airport who received soundproofing “port packages” from the Port of Seattle, but whose soundproof windows have leaked or otherwise failed. This is just the first step of our work to help protect the residents of the 33rd Legislative District from the noise and air pollution caused by Sea-Tac.

This bill is being heard in the Senate Ways & Means Committee tomorrow (Saturday). You can sign in here to show your support of the bill.


Update from the Senate floor

This week we spent several days on the Senate floor debating and passing legislation. Three of my bills passed the Senate this week, all on bipartisan votes.

SB 6271 would address the proliferation of high-potency cannabis products — in some cases up to 100% THC, when a cannabis plant is only 15% — which is posing a danger to consumers, especially to young people. The bill would enable the state to collect better data and take steps to discourage consumption. You can read more about it in my e-newsletter from last week.

SB 5368 is a bipartisan bill that would help people who have been injured on the job return to work by connecting small businesses with nonprofits for meaningful placement with light-duty work. This is a path to reengagement and community for injured workers so that they do not suffer disconnection, depression, and permanent disability.

SB 5632 would enable striking workers to maintain their health care coverage. The loss of coverage during a strike is a heavy thumb on the scale against striking workers, and this bill would help level the playing field.


Mark your calendars! Town hall on Feb. 17

Rep. Tina Orwall, Rep. Mia Gregerson, and I will be holding an in-person town hall on Saturday, Feb. 17 at 2 p.m. at Highline College. More details to come!


Stay in Touch

Thank you to all the constituents and advocates who came to Olympia this week to make your voices heard. If you’d like to follow what I’m working on, you can like my official legislative Facebook page here.

Please don’t hesitate to stay in touch. Stay safe and take care.


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Sen. Karen Keiser
Senate President Pro Tempore
Chair, Senate Labor & Commerce Committee