Sen. Karen Keiser (D-Des Moines) was honored as a “Champion for Children” by the Children’s Alliance for her work and leadership during the 2023 legislative session.  

The award recognizes lawmakers who provide significant leadership to advance public policies that create opportunities for all of Washington’s 1.6 million children.  

Keiser was among 10 lawmakers in the Washington House and Senate who were honored with the award.  

The Children’s Alliance pointed to Keiser’s work to ban the practice of female genital mutilation, which can be inflicted on young girls (SB 5453). She was also recognized for her swift action to protect reproductive health by countering an out-of-state threat to the supply of abortion medication (SB 5768). 

“Empowering and investing in our children today is not just an act of compassion, it is an act of foresight. Keeping them and their futures at the center of our work is not only crucial for their well-being, but it lays the foundation for all society’s future to be prosperous and resilient,” Keiser said. “I am honored to receive this recognition and look forward to the continued progress we will make for our children next year.”