From the AP

The Washington Senate on Tuesday passed three bills that aim to reign in the costs of prescription drugs.

Two of the measures, all sponsored by Democratic Sen. Karen Keiser, address insulin costs, while the third addresses overall drug affordability.

A measure that would cap the monthly out-of-pocket cost of insulin to $100 until Jan. 1, 2023 and requires the Health Care Authority to monitor the price of insulin, passed on a 34-14 vote. Another bill that is seeking a longer-term cost containment for insulin and would create a centralized purchasing process for insulin based on the approach used by the state to purchase childhood vaccines, passed on a vote of 28-20. The third measure, which would establish a prescription drug affordability board that would review prices and price increases to determine whether maximum price caps are needed, also passed on a 28-20 vote.

The bills now head to the House for consideration.