OLYMPIA – Azumi Calloway served as a page for the Washington State Senate during the fourth week of the 2024 legislative session. Sen. Sam Hunt (D-Olympia) sponsored her time at the Legislature.   

The page program offers a hands-on opportunity for students to find out how state government works. During a week-long interactive learning experience, students are visited by guest speakers and get to draft their own bills. Students also get to explore the Capitol Campus by delivering papers for Senate staff. 

Calloway, 14, is a freshman from North Thurston High School. She enjoys volleyball, spending time with her friends, and playing with her cat Taft.  She decided to join the page program because her friend recommended the program.  

Pages also create their own bill to be heard in a mock committee meeting. Calloway decided to work on legislation that would delay school start times.  

For more information about the Senate Page Program, contact SenatePageProgram@leg.wa.gov.