Dear friends and neighbors,

We’re gearing up for session here in the 22nd. On Jan. 9, we will return to an in-person format for the 105-day legislative session. Not only will we keep using the tools that helped the public participate more easily during the pandemic—like remote testimony—we will also bring back many of the wonderful programs that allow our community to become more involved with the Legislature. We’re particularly looking forward to the return of the page program, which allows many young Washingtonians to get a closer look at the civic process.

As you may know, pages are sponsored by legislators and serve for one week during the legislative session. During that week, they will spend time in page school learning about the legislative process while also distributing materials throughout the Capitol campus, assisting offices, delivering messages, working on the House & Senate floor, and presenting the colors at the opening of the day’s legislative session. To be eligible to page, a student must be 14, 15 or 16 years old. Since the program was shut down over the last two years of mostly remote sessions, a few weeks this coming year will also be dedicated specifically to 17- and 18-year-olds to provide opportunities to those who missed out.

This is a spectacularly unique experience, and we encourage you to get involved! Check the page program’s home page for more information.


Your 22nd LD Legislators

Sen. Sam Hunt and Rep. Jessica Bateman