Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, issued this statement today following the Senate’s passage of legislation to postpone the so-called levy cliff that would have resulted in massive budget cuts to K-12 schools across the state.
“The passage of this legislation should provide long-sought and much-needed relief and reassurance to K-12 schools throughout our district and across our state. I know how much this means to the Vancouver and Evergreen school districts. This removes a monstrous cloud over this school year and next.
“Our educators can now concentrate on educating instead of doomsday budgets. Our teachers can now concentrate on teaching instead of layoff notices. And, most important of all, our students can concentrate on what’s going on inside their classrooms instead of what’s going on outside them.
“At the same time, the Legislature can concentrate fully on the larger task of funding our public schools, fully and fairly and in a sustainable structure.”