Dear friends and neighbors,

The 2023 legislative session is in full swing, and we are hard at work. I am deeply honored to begin my second term serving you as state senator for the 32nd Legislative District.

This is the first in-person legislative session since the pandemic, and we have a full agenda. As we begin week three of the 2023 session, I want to provide an update on some of my legislation and provide some resources to help you stay involved.

My Priorities and Bills

As your state senator in the 32nd, I stand committed to fighting for a Washington state that prioritizes the needs of our neighbors and communities.  These are some of my priorities for this session:

  • Public safety­­––We need to tackle open air drug use with a treatment-forward approach that also provides real accountability for using illegal drugs and refusing treatment.
  • Protecting reproductive healthcare
  • Housing
  • Gun safety
  • Psilocybin services for those over age 21 to take advantage of the huge benefits to mental health and addiction recovery we have seen in recent studies
  • Protecting and restoring the habitat of marine waters near our shores

In these first two weeks, I have already introduced and co-sponsored key bills that will benefit our community and residents across the state.

  • SB 5467 makes it a gross misdemeanor and an arrestable offense to possess illegal drugs. The bill funds and requires treatment to have the case dismissed while requiring at least 45 days in jail for refusal or willful abandonment of court ordered treatment. Jail time cannot be imposed if the state does not cover costs of treatment or if no treatment is available.
  • SB 5400 fights back against states that are trying to criminalize or control the healthcare choices of their residents who seek care in other states and ensures that Washington health providers can’t be disciplined or have their license denied for providing reproductive health services in accordance with Washington state standards of practice, regardless of the patient’s state of origin.
  • SB 5412 reduces red tape when permitting new homes in urban areas. We need to build more housing to meet demand and create better housing affordability.
  • SB 5232 requires 10-day waiting periods on all gun purchases, as well as proof of firearms training, and prohibits dealers from transferring firearms until 10 days after the request for a background check.
  • SB 5263 aims to legalize and regulate the supervised use of psilocybin at designated service centers for wellness purposes for those over the age of 21. We have 22 Senate co-sponsors, including two Republicans, out of a 49-member state Senate.
  • SB 5104 directs the Department of Ecology to conduct a survey of Puget Sound marine shorelines using new technology to better determine where to prioritize habitat restoration and protection actions.

To learn more about these and other bills I have introduced, click here.

Keep an eye out for my email updates to stay informed about more bills to come!

My staff in 2023                             

I’m very grateful for my team, which works hard behind the scenes to make sure your voices are being heard by the Legislature.

  • John Elder – Legislative Assistant
  • Fiona Sheehan – Session Aide
  • Waverly Kenny – Intern
  • Christian Lamas – Public Information Officer

They’ll be answering your calls, tracking my bills, helping resolve case work, communicating my legislative priorities, and much more. For more information on how to contact my office click here.

Committee Assignments

This 2023 session, it is my pleasure to serve on several Senate committees. Here are my assignments for this session:

  • Law & Justice – member
    • Considers a wide variety of subjects relating to civil and criminal law. Looking out for public safety.
  • Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources & Parks – vice chair
    • Considers issues relating to agricultural production, water issues, fish and wildlife matters, mining, forest practices, forest fire protection, parks and recreation and issues relating to aquatic lands and the management of certain state-owned lands.
  • Local Government, Land Use & Tribal Affairs – vice chair
    • Considers issues relating to land use planning and permitting.  The committee also considers issues relating to the operation of counties, cities, and some special purpose districts, including municipal water, sewer, solid water, and recycling.
  • Rules – member
    • Considers all bills reported from policy and fiscal committees and determines whether, and in what order, to schedule their consideration on the Senate floor by the full Senate.

Get involved! Be engaged! Make your voice heard!

To make a difference for our community on the issues you care about, here’s how you can get involved:

  • Learn how a bill becomes a law.
  • Find legislation on the issues important to you.
  • Watch broadcasts and archived videos of your democracy in action at
  • Testify before legislative committees remotely or in person. If you do not want to testify in a committee hearing, you can still submit written testimony on a bill for the archived legislative record.
  • Reach out using the contact information on my website.
  • Stay in touch.

As always, please feel free to reach out to my office directly with any questions or concerns. Let’s talk about how to best meet the needs of our communities.

Sincerely yours,

Jesse Salomon