OLYMPIA — A bill to reduce property taxes for lower-value homes was heard in the Senate Ways & Means Committee Thursday.  

Senate Bill 6249, sponsored by Sen. June Robinson (D-Everett), would decrease property taxes for homeowners starting in 2027 by providing a tax break of $100,000 or 60% of the median home value in the county, whichever is more. It also establishes a state funding mechanism to assist counties with the cost of administering the exemption.  

“By providing a significant exemption, we are shifting the disproportionate share of the property tax burden off of those with homes of lesser assessed value,” Robinson said. “This adjustment is not only a matter of equity but a commitment to ensuring homeowners of all backgrounds can thrive in Washington state.” 

For the legislation to be fully implemented, the state constitution would need to be amended. 

Follow the bill’s progress here.