Friends, neighbors –

We had an amazing town hall on Saturday thanks to you! Neighbors sent in questions and thoughts on everything from Tacoma Narrows Bridge toll relief (lookout for more news on that and more infrastructure investments this week!) to support for apprenticeship grads, pay equity for our loved ones with disabilities to legalizing lane-sharing for motorcycles.

Nearly 40 neighbors like you joined our call for the whole hour – and we received over 60 questions, sent in advance and live during the town hall. We answered almost all of them, but if you sent one we didn’t get to, keep your eyes on your email! Thank you, as always, for sharing your time and thoughts with me.

Want to get caught up? Click the image below! 👇🏽

These opportunities to connect – our frequent in-person and virtual coffee hours last summer, our weekly Facebook Live Zooms when we pivoted to remote-work in 2020, every town hall, every phone call, every letter – wouldn’t be possible without my incredible team. I want to introduce the folks behind the scenes, hitting “go” on our livestreams, adding your questions and feedback to the queue, and making sure you get your questions answered.

First up, meet Sarah: my legislative-aide-extraordinaire who’s been serving LD 26 with me since my first session in 2019. For four sessions now, she’s been an incredible partner in our work to uplift the voices of neighbors like you and to champion our community’s priorities. I couldn’t do this without her.

You also might know Cameron already, my 2020-session-aide-turned-2022-legislative-aide, who’s been an outstanding advocate for our community. She helps us read and respond to the thousands of emails we receive in a session and is always a friendly face in our meetings with neighbors.

This year, I’m also delighted to welcome Alexia to the team, our intern for the 2022 session. She’s brought her passion, her curiosity, and her brilliance to our work to open career and education pathways, fight for healthcare access, and improve pay equity for all our neighbors.

And lastly, joining me for a third year is Hannah, my communications staff who helps me stay connected with our community in ways that are accessible to our neighbors. Scroll to the end of this newsletter for all the different methods of staying in touch that this whole phenomenal team helps manage!

As always, I am eager to hear from you about your priorities and to bring your thoughts and concerns with me to Olympia – your voice is with me in committee, in leadership meetings, on the Senate floor. Easy ways to reach me include FacebookInstagram, and Twitter – where you can shoot me a message and follow along to see what we’re up to. You can also reach out anytime at 360-786-7650 or The more I hear from you, the more my work reflects our shared values and goals.

– Emily