Legislation to establish on-site points of contact for students in foster care is headed to the House after passing the Senate today unanimously.

SB 5184, sponsored by Sen. T’wina Nobles, would create an on-site point of contact in every K-12 public school to coordinate services and resources for students experiencing foster care.

“This bill is about serving students experiencing foster care,” said Nobles (D-Fircrest). “It is intended to fill any gaps so that we can see more students succeed and meet their goals.”

Current law requires district liaisons but not on-site contacts. Nobles’ bill would make district liaisons responsible for training the on-site contacts.

“I have been through the foster care system, and the points of contact I had at school were vital to my success,” Nobles said. “Kids need adults who pay attention to their needs, and it is our responsibility to ensure that happens.”