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OLYMPIA — Sen. Joe Nguyễn’s (D-White Center) bill to make changes to the candidate filing process passed the Senate unanimously on Tuesday.   

Senate Bill 5182 moves the deadline for candidates to file for office and modifies deadlines for candidate statements prepared for the voters’ pamphlet.  

Currently, candidates only have one week to prepare those statements after filing to run. Allowing them more time to complete these will result in more thoughtful and informative statements for voters. 

SB 5182 would also allow auditors more time to produce materials and make them available in multiple languages.  

“On the surface, this bill seems simple,” said Sen. Nguyễn. “But it will have deep effects. It’s really about ensuring that everyone, from candidate to voter, has time to make thoughtful decisions about the factors that contribute to our democracy.”  

The bill now heads to the House for consideration.