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Sen. Joe Nguyễn’s (D-White Center) bill to crack down on political spending by corporations with foreign influence has passed the Senate.  

Foreign investment in U.S. corporations has risen from 4 percent in 1986 to more than 40 percent in 2020.  

That same year, the City of Seattle passed legislation to ban political donations in local elections from companies with at least 5 percent foreign ownership. Senate Bill 5284 would follow Seattle’s lead and make it the standard for all of Washington state.  

SB 5284 also increases oversight of online political ads by placing responsibility of those ads on the person placing them. 

Lastly, this bill establishes an additional reporting period for large campaign contributions. This would be before ballots are mailed so voters can be informed about the rise in campaign spending leading up to the voting period.   

“This bill is about transparency and ensuring we are in control of our own elections,” said Sen. Nguyễn. “Our future should be decided by the voters.” 

SB 5284 now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.