Olympia– Sen. Joe Nguyen (D-White Center) was selected by the Senate Democratic Caucus to chair the Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee in the 2023 legislative session.

“Washington is a renowned environmental leader powered by a robust technology sector and an innovative energy industry,” said Nguyen. “The conversations in this committee aren’t just about our state’s immediate needs, but also about the infrastructure we are building for an equitable future. I’m deeply honored to assume this position, not just as a representative of our community, but as a parent.”

The committee considers issues relating to the availability, production and conservation of energy, and technology. It also has jurisdiction over climate change and the environment, the State Environmental Policy Act, oil spill prevention, recycling, and hazardous and toxic waste.

Nguyen will now serve on the Ways & Means Committee and continue on the Human Services Committee and as the Assistant Floor Leader.

The Senate is scheduled to vote to confirm all committee positions on the first day of the 2023 legislative session on Jan. 9.

Members of the public interested in participating in legislative hearings can find information at www.leg.wa.gov. Legislative hearings are streamed live on www.tvw.org and are recorded and available to view in TVW’s archive.