Dear friends and neighbors,

I wanted to send along an update on some of the legislation we’re passing this session. I’ve written to you about two of the most important bills of session – reforming our drug possession laws to ensure that people in trouble can get the help they need to get clean, and passing our transit-oriented development bill to ensure we’re building more affordable housing around light rail and bus rapid transit lines.

I’m glad to be able to report that both these bills passed this week. Our drug possession bill passed on a bipartisan vote and included important language I added in committee to ensure we’re pushing people to authentically engage in their drug treatment. We need to give people who are in trouble the help they need and make sure our treatment programs have the resources to succeed, but we also need consequences for those who walk away from treatment or don’t engage, to help push them towards doing the right thing, and I’m glad the Senate agrees with me on that.

The transit-oriented development had even more support – an overwhelming 40-8 vote in favor! The Senate understands the importance of encouraging more development and housing construction around high-capacity transit. Solving our affordable housing challenge means we need to build a lot more homes, and it makes the most sense to concentrate that increased density around transit. I’m very happy this bill is moving forward with such strong support.

Soon, we’ll be done with floor action and we’ll be considering bills sent over by the House and finalizing our budget proposals. As our Senate capital budget lead, I’m excited about what we’re going to be able to propose on building affordable housing, constructing the infrastructure that businesses need to succeed, protecting our wild places and outdoor recreation, and a whole lot more. Stay tuned for more information!

Join us for a town hall meeting!

On March 19, my seatmates and I will be holding a town hall meeting to discuss the legislative session, share the issues we’re working on, and hear from you about your thoughts, concerns, and questions. It’s an important chance for us to get feedback and I’m glad that Rep. Bill Ramos, Rep. Lisa Callan, and I will be doing this together. I wanted to share the information with you now the date is set so you can join us.


Sunday, March 19, 2023, from 2 – 3 p.m.


Gibson Hall

105 Newport Way SW

Issaquah, WA 98027

Bring your questions about affordable housing, public safety, funding education, and more!

I hope to see you there! If you can’t make it, you can reach me any time at Thanks for reading and stay well!


Sen. Mark Mullet