Dear friends and neighbors:

Numerous 5th District communities will benefit from the state construction budget we’ll soon be passing off the Senate floor. This budget, separate from both the transportation and operating budgets, supports infrastructure such as buildings for local governments and nonprofits, trails, affordable housing, and many other local community needs. I’m particularly grateful for the help of my House seatmate, Rep. Lisa Callan, with whom I coordinated regularly to make sure our local priorities were covered.

In a similar light, I am excited about a project for unincorporated Fall City that I have been working on with Councilmember Kathy Lambert for almost a decade. The bland nature of this $6.5 million project — a state-of-the-art septic system — understates its tremendous value for current and future generations. Important for both the environment and for the success of our rural economy, the improved sewer infrastructure will allow local businesses to expand their offerings and create opportunities for more local businesses to open.

Another important million-dollar project is in Carnation, where the city hall is in desperate need of replacement. This building will create a much-needed indoor community space and allow local emergency services to coordinate better during disasters.

The Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank, meanwhile, is bursting at the seams. To help it find a new home to handle its current and future customers, the state is providing a $1 million grant towards relocating to a larger building.

Then there are projects that benefit our entire community and draw users from across the region to recreate and patronize our small businesses. Recreation projects in the 5th District this year include:

  • High point trailhead improvements on West Tiger Mountain
  • Forest loop train access on West Tiger Mountain
  • A community connector on Rattlesnake Mountain
  • A high point connector trail on West Tiger Mountain
  • CCC trail improvements and connections on Mount Si
  • A connector trail and pedestrian bridges for Mount Si and Teneriffe Falls
  • A boardwalk and trail reconstruction for Mount Si and Little Si
  • A boardwalk, trails and pedestrian bridges on West Tiger Mountain
  • Road abandonment and culvert removal on Mount Si
  • Demolition recovery for West Tiger Mountain and Soderman Creek
  • A trail for Middle Fork Snoqualmie and Thompson Lake/Granite Creek
  • Trail improvements for Middle Fork Snoqualmie and South Fork
  • Trailhead renovation and improvements on Mount Si
  • Final phase trail system development in Raging River State Forest
  • Trailhead renovation and addition on Tiger Summit
  • Phase 1 Snoqualmie corridor community connection trails at Grand Ridge and Mitchell Hill
  • Teneriffe Trailhead to CC Trail – CCC Flats
  • Snoqualmie Point trailhead expansion at Raging River State Forest and Rattlesnake Mountain Scenic Area
  • Bridge replacement along Grand Canyon Trail
  • Bathroom demolition at Poo Poo Point

With less than three days left to complete our work in Olympia, I will provide another update soon on the final status of key legislation from the 2021 session.

Best regards,