Dear friends and neighbors:

One of my favorite areas of focus in Olympia is the state construction budget, partly because it allows me to tap my background in finance—I’ve helped write this budget in every one of my nine years in the Legislature—but even more because it allows me to make sure our communities’ most urgent needs get addressed.

Of the good 30 or 40 projects in our district in this year’s budget, two stand out.

The Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank is bursting at the seams and badly needs a new home to handle all the customers they have right now. We’re providing them a $1 million grant to help launch a fund-raising drive that can enable them to relocate to a larger building.

Another important million-dollar project is in Carnation, where the city hall has never been renovated and is in desperate need of new life. We’re partnering with the city to provide state funds to help make the renovations this building so badly needs to serve its community today and into the future.

Overall, the $6.2 billion state construction budget will create thousands of family-wage jobs in communities across our state while addressing the key infrastructure needs that help every community function and thrive. You can see a full list of 5th District projects here.

Closer to home, I’m pleased to have ensured that 5th District residents will see our fair share of tax dollars come back to our communities in the form of the infrastructure we need for a robust future.

Best regards,