Dear friends and neighbors:

Some of you receiving this email may be hearing from me for the first time, as we have recently updated our circulation list. So please know that, as someone who gets a lot of emails every day, I know how it feels to get inundated — and will not do that to you. I keep my legislative updates brief and informative, and limit them to one a week or less. (If you would prefer not to receive my legislative updates, you can unsubscribe here.)

I am itching to get started in the new legislative session with ideas on how to help our community, households and businesses recover as quickly and as fully as possible from the pandemic. I’ll share more details on this soon. But first, after seeing how divided our 5th District became during the recent election, I’d like to make a few things clear.

Representing the varied views of our district faithfully and energetically is my number-one priority. That’s how I’ve approached my role from the time I was first elected, and it’s never changed. I work for you and everyone else who makes up our district — not my party or my caucus or my personal preferences.

That’s not always easy, especially in those times when we come to the table with differing opinions. But whether an issue is easy or hard, you can count on me to always listen and make decisions that balance the competing priorities of our district. We will often agree, hopefully more often than not, but even when we disagree I will always speak with you honestly and openly about how I am voting and why. You deserve no less and will receive no less. I encourage and urge you to do the same with me. I can represent you best when I know what you want. This is my pledge to you.

What’s important is our district, our community. I am committed to working with you in the best interests of all of us. That will never change.

Best regards,