Dear friends and neighbors,

I’ve come to discover that the best ideas for legislation often come from constituents. Throughout my legislative career, I have enjoyed collaborating with advocates, small business owners and parents from the 5th Legislative District on legislation important to them and our community.

In 2013, a local mom and constituent, Sally Porter, brought to my attention the need for schools to have EpiPens available in case a student suffers a severe allergic reaction. We got right to work on a bill that would allow doctors to prescribe epinephrine to schools in case of emergencies. The bill passed and it was awesome to stand alongside Sally and her son Charlie as the governor signed it into law.

Bonnie Anderson and Diane Weinstein of Issaquah came up with legislation that would direct the state Dept. of Fish & Wildlife to establish a pilot program to recycle fishing line at local parks. In the last year alone, over 100 PVC tubes have been installed at fishing areas to collect old lines, saving miles and miles of line from entangling wildlife.

Last session, Joe and Linda Grez from North Bend, the owners of PropEle Electric Boat Motors, inspired legislation to allow people to use low-power electric boat motors without having to go through the hassle of registering their vessels.

Do you have an idea for a bill? If so, contact me soon. I am beginning to put together my legislative priorities for next session. The sooner you share your idea, the sooner we can get started turning that idea into legislation.

Thank you for your engagement,