Dear friends and neighbors,

This is the time of year when high school students across the state put the finishing touches on their college application packets and begin to research financial aid options. Needless to say, applying to college can be stressful and daunting for both students and their parents.

What shouldn’t be stressful is worrying whether the AP credits students worked hard to earn in high school will be accepted at the colleges they decide to attend.

Right now, each state four-year institution establishes its own requirements when it comes to considering AP coursework completed in high school. A score of three on an AP test might mean you will get credit at one school, while at another school you might need a score of four. This inconsistency and lack of transparency makes it trickier than it should be for students deciding where to go to college.

That’s why I sponsored Senate Bill 5234, which would establish a uniformed minimum score for granting undergraduate course credits to students who have completed AP classes.

By establishing a standard AP requirement for all state colleges, we will make the application process easier to navigate so students can choose the college that best meets their academic needs without the fear of losing their hard-earned AP credits. After all, AP credits save students money in the long run. The more credits they earn in high school, the fewer credits they will have to pay for once they get to college.

Best regards,