Sen. Mark Mullet, D-Issaquah, today announced the creation of the bipartisan Electric Vehicle Caucus to support the advancement of low-polluting, electric cars. The EV Caucus brings together Democrats and Republicans who believe the use of electric vehicles can strengthen our state’s economy.

The EV Caucus will act as a sounding board for State Legislative action on issues impacting the electrification of Washington’s transportation system. EV Caucus members will promote the expansion of electric vehicles through cost-effective policies to support economic development and environmental protection.

“I am excited to join this dynamic group of bipartisan legislators in supporting a job-creating industry that benefits both the economy and the environment,” said Mullet.

“Washington is uniquely suited for an EV win-win by reducing emissions while driving economic prosperity,” said David Giuliani, board chair of the Washington Business Alliance. “EVs reduce greenhouse gases from Washington’s largest emitting sector, on-road transportation fuel, and match perfectly with Washington’s clean, competitively priced and reliable electric mix.”

“The demand for electric vehicles has been tremendous,” said Jimmy Kalie new car manager at Nissan of the Eastside.  “We are building a new dealership to keep up with demand, tripling our size and investing millions of dollars into our economy.”

In addition, the expanded use of electric vehicles has the potential to improve public health.

“Everyone should have clean air to breathe,” said Renee Klein, President and CEO of the American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific. “We know the transportation sector generates a significant share of our air pollution, so moving towards cleaner cars and cleaner fuels is an important strategy to ensure clean air for everyone. Increasing our use of zero-emission technology moves Washington in the right direction.”

Mullet has invited other legislators to join the EV Caucus and will be evaluating a series of policy initiatives to support the advancement of electric cars in the coming legislative session.