Friends and neighbors,

Today marks day 51 of the 105-day Legislative session. With an important deadline next week, we are working long hours voting on bills before they must have made their way out of the Senate and over to the House.

One of my top priority bills will be heard in the Environment, Energy & Technology committee this Thursday – and your voice matters to make sure it continues through the process! Senate Bill 5373, also known as the Washington STRONG Act, provides a multi-billion-dollar dedicated investment to transition to a sustainable economy without leaving anyone behind. This funding would be available for transportation and infrastructure projects, broadband, wildfire prevention, and more by putting an economy-wide price on greenhouse gas emissions. This financing would promote climate resiliency and positive health outcomes for generations to come while also boosting our economy by creating thousands of jobs in the wake of this public health crisis.

I welcome you to submit written testimony or to note your position for the committee at this link.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about this or any other policy that would impact our district, remember that you can always get in touch with me at!

All the best,