Students would be receive better guidance and tools in navigating the pitfalls of digital media and communication, under legislation passed unanimously today by the Senate.

“In this digital age, online activities and influences play a larger and larger part in our children’s lives,” said Sen. Marko Liias, D-Lynnwood, the bill’s sponsor. “This legislation is geared to helping them better process and understand the full impacts of what’s going on around them and with them.”

Liias’ Senate Bill 6273 would establish a process whereby students, parents or guardians, teachers and other school employees, administrators, volunteers and community representatives engage in an ongoing discussion concerning safe technology use and digital citizenship.

The idea for Liias’ bill came from Claire Beach, a retired media literacy educator from the Edmonds School District.

“Whether consuming media, accessing online information, or communicating with their peers, today’s kids face a mine field of potential threats,” Liias said. “What they learn in school can help protect them from missteps and malignant actions by others.”