Dear neighbors,

We’re wrapping up another eventful week in the legislature and to top it off, the Senate moved MAJOR transportation legislation over to the House for a final vote.

As your voice for housing and community safety, I am excited to report that the Senate passed a transportation package that gives back BIG to students and working families. Roads and infrastructure improvements will add a massive amount of momentum to our fight to create more affordable and equitable housing for Washingtonians.

Your legislators have been busy. Here’s a look at how the week has been going,


Let’s talk Transportation!

Whether you’re heading to a place of work or play, or dropping young ones off at soccer practice, everyone deserves safe travels.
For this reason, I am proud to report that the Senate passed a GREAT piece of transportation legislation that will have a real impact on real working families; without sharing the burden of the price tag.

With a cost-effective approach and multiple veins of funding, we’ve succeeded in passing $1.2 billion in active transportation and $3 billion in transit programs and investments over the next decade and a half. In addition to bolstering our Safe Routes to School program, School Based Bike program, and major improvements along the 405, we’re paving the way to a more equitable transit system where kids ride free.

Here’s an aerial view of some of the projects we’re funding:

SR 520 Seattle Corridor Improvements to help fortify one of our busiest arterial corridors and to finish the 520 bridge expansion, shaving off some of the traffic that many of us hit heading to and from work.

SR 520 & 148th Avenue NE Bicycle/ Pedestrian Crossing to improve safety crossing SR 520 better connecting homes, businesses, and the SR 520 Regional Trail to the Overlake Urban Center.

Eastrail Multi-Use Corridor through Bellevue to give Washingtonians a safe, well-lit, and Green walkable path that bridges the gaps between our cities. This gets us out more and gives back to our environment.

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail “Bellevue Gap” Similar to the Eastrail improvements, we’re going to bridge the biking gap on the Mountains to Sound Greenway giving bicyclists a safe and efficient ride to work, or downtown.

I-405/SR 167 Corridor Improvements to ensure we finish our projects along the WA-167 and I-405 corridor improving the flow and safety of traffic for working families, and bolsters our rapid bus transit option to give drivers an alternative method of daily commute.


This Transportation package comes at a time when Washingtonians need it most. From learning how to return to in-person work to figuring out how much time it now takes to the drop kiddos off at school, we’ve got a long and changing road ahead of us. The least we can do is make sure it’s a safe one to travel!

It is an honor to serve as your State Senator.

Safe travels!


Senator Patty Kuderer
48th Legislative District