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What we’re focused on this year

This is a “short” 60-day session, which means we only have about five weeks left in this session. We’ve just reached the first cutoff deadline for voting bills out of policy committees after holding public hearings on proposed legislation. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be debating and voting on bills on the Senate floor.

Here are just a few of the many issues we’re discussing this session:

  • Addressing the homelessness and affordable housing crisis impacting all communities across the state
  • Increasing health care access and affordability
  • Continuing our progress on fighting climate change
  • Expanding access to early learning for more families
  • Building a green transportation infrastructure
  • Reforming our state’s unfair and unsustainable regressive tax code

What I’m working on

Homeless tent camp in a city owned parking lot in downtown Olympia, Washington, December 7, 2018.

Homelessness: As chair of the Senate Housing Stability and Affordability committee, my primary focus again this year is to prevent homelessness before it starts, expand affordable housing options across our state, and strengthen the tools that cities and counties can use to address affordable housing and homelessness in their communities.

This year, our committee is looking to enact additional tenant protections that will help families avoid becoming homeless. I’ve also introduced a bill to create a dedicated funding source for the Housing Trust Fund, our primary program for building and preserving affordable housing across the state.

I’m also exploring ideas that embrace public/private partnerships in ways that drive more resources to local community organizations. These local organizations often have the on-the-ground infrastructure in place to help those in need, but they may lack the necessary funding to help more families.

In short, our state needs to build more affordable housing, build smarter through coordination with local governments, community organizations, and the private sector, and eliminate barriers for families who need housing today.

Preventing youth homelessness is another top priority. We recently held a special joint work session with the Senate Human Services Committee – you can view that here.

Responsible gun legislation

hand guns with magazines

America has a gun violence problem. We’ve seen it in the news nearly every day. Nearly 40,000 people die of gun violence in this country every year.

For far too long, elected leaders across our country see these tragedies, share their thoughts and prayers to victims and communities, and do nothing legislatively. Enough is enough.

This year I’m sponsoring a bill to limit magazine capacity to ten rounds, which I believe strikes the right balance between what’s necessary for self-defense and what’s necessary for public safety.

Youth vaping


As a nation, we’ve made great progress to reduce youth smoking. But that progress is threatened by a new public health crisis. Vaping among youth and young adults has skyrocketed in the last few years, rising from two million in 2017 to over five million in 2019.

It is clear flavored vape products are the hook used by these companies to reel in young adults, despite overwhelming evidence that vaping is not safe for youth and young adults.

I have a bill to address this problem by placing additional regulations around the vaping industry, banning the use of flavors and harmful chemicals, and limiting the nicotine concentration in these products. This bill will save lives.

Some early Senate wins

Electric car charging station

As a strong supporter of environmental protections, I am happy to report that SB 5811 passed through the Senate! This bill will adopt the zero emission vehicle program standards that 11 other states already follow.

In adopting this mandate, Washington residents will have access to the full range of zero emission vehicles that are already available in our neighboring states of California and Oregon. We will expand the purchase options in our state while making progress to protect the quality of our air. That bill is now in the House.

SB 6492, a follow up bill to last year’s HB 2158, has passed both the Senate and the House and will be on its way to the governor’s desk shortly. Starting in the 2020-21 school year the Washington College Grant will expand from students at 70% Median Family Income (MFI) to those at 100% MFI. Families at or below 55% MFI will receive full funding and those at 55-100% MFI will receive funding on a graduated scale. SB 6492 lowers the B&O tax on many businesses (particularly smaller businesses) while still maintaining the revenue to fund the historic changes that HB 2158 accomplished.

Together these bills will allow previously underserved community members across the state to access higher education and ensure that every eligible student is guaranteed to receive the grant. No matter what stage of life a prospective student is in or whether they want to attend a 2- or 4-year college or an apprenticeship program, those opportunities will now be available to them.

Join the Discussion!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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How to reach me?

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Patty Kuderer
State Senator
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