Friends and neighbors,

These are trying times. Our country, our state and our communities are being challenged as never before. My heartfelt condolences go out to everyone who has lost a family member or a friend. To those who are battling this virus, or are close to someone who is, we stand with you.

We do not know how long the outbreak will last or what the long-term impacts on our state will be.

What we do know is how to stop the spread of the coronavirus – stay home, stay six feet away from others, wash your hands frequently. We must all do our part to keep each other healthy and help flatten the curve of transmission.

At the bottom of this letter are additional tips and resources you and your family can use to help stay safe during this crisis.

The best source for COVID-19 material can be found at Here you will find regularly updated information as well as the latest news, statistics, volunteer opportunities and much, much more.

This is a difficult time. But we can do this.

I’m proud of the role my own family has played in the response to this pandemic. My wife is a healthcare worker at a nursing home in Snohomish County and my son and I are members of the National Guard and have been activated to help in our state’s response. But our family’s story is not unique, we are one of thousands in our state that have taken on the outbreak directly.

We all have been inspired by the stories of doctors and nurses working on the front lines of the outbreak, of researchers working around the clock to develop more accurate tests and treatments for the virus, and of grocery store workers, truck drivers, sanitation workers and others whose line of work thrusts them into the forefront of this pandemic. Thank you to everyone who continues to sacrifice for the greater good.

I have lived in Snohomish County my entire life. I know the people of this community as tough, kind and resilient. We will get through this, we will do it together, and we will emerge stronger than ever before.