Sen. Steve Hobbs on Wednesday proposed the Evergreen Initiative, a middle-of-the-road approach to help combat climate change by placing a reasonable cost on carbon emissions.

“Climate change is one of the most serious and challenging issues facing our state and planet,” Hobbs said. “Just as difficult is creating a consensus around how we attack this problem. My hope is that this bill will move the conversation forward, bring more sides to the table and eventually lead to a solution to this daunting problem.”

Senate Bill 6306 places a flat charge of $8 per metric ton of carbon dioxide. An initial estimate indicates that will generate $867 million per biennium, money that Hobbs wants to put toward green programs throughout Washington.

The money will be split equally four ways and reinvested in environmentally-minded programs including those that address storm water, fish passage barriers, investments in renewable and efficient forms of energy and investments in green transportation programs.

“The health of our environment is not an issue that impacts just those on the left or right side of the political debate,” Hobbs said. “It’s time to stop talking and start acting on climate change.”