BURIEN – Following Governor Jay Inslee’s announcement of a new statewide public health initiative to reduce and prevent firearm related fatalities, Sen. David Frockt, D-Seattle, is urging his colleagues to act on legislation to save Washington lives.

“I applaud Governor Inslee for taking measures that will help prevent suicide and other acts of gun violence which all too often tragically interrupt our lives,” said Frockt. “The onus is now on the Legislature to take further action to address other aspects of the gun violence problem.

“I urge my colleagues in the Legislature to support our legislation creating the Extreme Risk Protection Order. This will give family members and law enforcement the legal mechanisms they need to protect loved ones from harming themselves or others with a firearm or other dangerous weapon.”

An Extreme Risk Protection order would be effective for up to one year. If the individual poses an immediate risk, an emergency order may be granted within 24 hours, effective for 14 days. The bill creates criminal penalties for knowingly filing a petition for an order based on false information.

Sen. Frockt is a long-time advocate for common sense gun safety legislation and is the Prime sponsor of the Extreme Risk Protection Order bill (SB 5727).